Elevator Proposal

The purpose of this assignment was ensure understanding of what a proposal is in the professional world. It requires research and organization of information to present to the person of interest. The goal is to gather enough information, alongside a feasible course of action, to persuade the person of interest to accept the proposal.

This exercise was a learning experience for me. The audience was an actual person and so research was conducted to mold the presentation to be of interest to the audience. Initially, some trouble was found about what information should be included or not. This was easily resolved by further research about the audience. Essentially, the presentation was shaped to not only convey the information we wished to share but shaped to be of interest to the audience.

Audience Profile

For this exercise, my group’s audience is City College’s Assistant Vice President of Facilities, David Robinson. Looking through the college’s administration we found Mr. Robinson to be the right person to direct our proposal too. Mr. Robinson is a licensed engineer with 31 years of experience. He also worked with maintenance, infrastructure and design. We chose Mr. Robinson for these reasons as he would be the person with power to fully understand the need of adding new elevators for the North Academic Center.

Our Presentation